Reverb 13 | Prompt 1 | At the Start

#reverb13 is a prompt-a-day series for the month of December designed to reflect on 2013 and project on hopes and dreams for 2014.  Through December 31st MeredithKat and Sarah will post each day with a new prompt.  Join us by writing, or join us by reading.   Follow us on Twitter@project_reverb and hashtag #reverb13.  Let’s reverb.

At the start: Where did you start 2013?  Give us some background on this year.

2013 started with a lot of excitement and anticipation as I was 20 weeks pregnant with our son.   I was finally feeling less tired and I was really happy as everything was going well.  It was really happening for us as the struggle with infertility can take a toll.  Of course I did not have a slightest idea what will happen in exactly 14 days and how it will change our lives all together.  So as the first couple days of the New Year set a usual path forward, life decided to through me a curve ball  and punch me in a gut at the same time.   I am a fighter so bring it on 🙂

January and February were just a blur but I found my inner peace little by little and started to move forward.  2013 has not been an easy one and it will be forever marked by the tragic loss of our son at 23 weeks due to premature labor.  However, I take the opportunity to reflect on good times and bad times because it is these experiences that enrich our lives and make it worthwhile.

So I began 2013 happy, scared, sad, confused, lonely but most importantly ready to fight because I do not give up even when a tragedy hits.


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